What is the turnaround time?

Every silhouette we make is custom and hand drawn and it takes time to make them just perfect.

Currently, we are in our holiday season so our turnaround times are:

Classic Silhouettes – 4-5 weeks    Sketched Silhouettes – 3-4 weeks

Locket with new silhouettes – take note of the above turnaround + then another 3 week production time to make the locket after proof approval
Locket with already made silhouettes – 3 weeks

Remembrance Locket – 3 weeks

Ornaments – See proof turnaround above and then once you approve them – or if we’re using already made silhouettes – the turnaround is about 3 weeks with the first batch shipping mid-november.

These turnaround times start after we receive your order AND photos (if your order needs them).  We cannot start on your order until we have ALL photos for it.  After we illustrate the silhouette, we will send to your account the proof(s) for your approval.  You will receive an email notifying you that you have a note to read in your account on our website.  You can then communicate to us through your account.  Once approved your order will then be printed, thoughtfully packaged, and shipped within 5-7 business days (if solely paper prints – wood ovals will take an extra few days. Lockets see turnaround times above.)  We support a local print shop by having them do my printing.  Given the distance between us & shipping expense, they mail us our orders once a week.

Can we send a photo taken with a phone?

Yes!  You sure can. As long as it’s a clear photo (taken during the day is best) and showing the person’s entire face, neck, hair, etc.  After you place your order you can Log In to your account and upload it.  There are directions sent to you via email after purchasing on how to do this.  You can also check out the “Submitting Photos” page.

Do we have to send photos right away?

No, you don’t have to send them at the time you order.  We will archive orders for  6 months That means you have 6 months to send in your photos.  If you coose to send them in after that time, there will be a $25 fee to unarchive your order.

Please keep in mind: our peak holiday months are from October – December and March – May.  During those months we ONLY are able to work on purchases made DURING those months.  Therefore, if you purchased outside of that time frame, and send in photos during those peak months, your order will be in our first batch AFTER the holiday season is finished.

Once my silhouette is created, if I decide that I’d rather you use a different photo, is that okay?

Included with your purchase is one round of revisions to make simple tweaks to the illustration.

If you would like major revisions or re-draws then there will be a fee charged to cover the extra time to do that.  Maybe the initial photo you sent the child had their hair in a pony tail but you later decided you’d rather it in a bun. Or maybe you didn’t like that their mouth was open and would rather it closed.  This is all understandable!  In order for us to make changes of this nature, there will be an additional charge of $10-20 depending on the type of request and how much time it will take to do it.  Keep in mind all silhouettes are illustrated by hand and the photos you send me are the guides we use to make them.

When will my locket be made?

After your silhouette proofs are approved your order will then move into the next step of production.  Your locket will be ready to ship in about a week after the proof approval. If you are ordering as a returning customer and already have silhouette proofs made, then your locket will be ready to ship within 2 weeks after you place your order.  Turnaround times will be longer during the Holiday Season.

What are your working business hours?

Being a small, mom-run business, the weekends we do our best to put work on hold and therefore work on orders and respond to emails Monday-Friday (hours vary throughout the day.)  If there’s ever an expedited need, please let us know ahead of time.

Can I purchase a locket now and add more children to it later?

Yes!  You can leave one side of the locket empty and then send it back to us at a later date to fill the other side.  Or you can have both sides filled now, and when you send it back at a later date, we can remove the sides and rearrange and add more silhouettes.  And yes, you will also receive a print for the new addition(s)!

Adding to one side: New Illustration – $42 per person   Filling + Polishing Fee – $25

Removing sides and then Adding: New Illustration – $42 per person  Removal, Redesign, Filling + Polishing Fee – $35

How do I care for my silhouette locket?

Brass Lockets: Given that you are purchasing a handmade piece of jewelry, it is delicate and needs to be worn and handled with care.  Our lockets are an antique brass and the 30″ chain is 14k gold fill.  Each brass locket may have minor imperfections (like tiny brush scratches) because of how they are made and polished.  We are not responsible for items broken due to improper handling so be kind to your jewelry!  This is not a child friendly necklace so please do not let little hands tug on it.  If something does happen to your chain we should be able to repair it for you so don’t hesitate to let us know.

Please keep in mind the locket itself is made of brass – not pure gold.  Oxidation is a beautiful part of brass’ natural process and should be expected.  It adds to the character of the piece.  We choose to use this particular metal for many reasons, one being it’s more affordable for our customers plus we love the look of (gold) brass over (yellow) gold!

Your locket *needs* to be taken off before showering and exercising.  Keep clean & dry when not in use.  Storing in a box or other covered container is important when not wearing it.  If you spray perfume or hairspray or touch the locket after putting on lotion, the chemicals will react to the brass to add more oxidation.  It’s best to do those things and then put the locket on after.

To clean the gold filled chain: mild jewelry cleaner or soap and water, rinse.
To clean the brass locket: use enclosed polishing cloth, the longer you buff it the shinier it will get. Do not submerge this in water!  While the silhouettes inside will be sealed, and water resistant, it is not water proof and you may damage it if it gets wet.

Sterling Lockets: Care is pretty much the same as for the Brass.  While Sterling is a different type of metal and one that is more costly, it still needs to be handled with care.  Sterling Silver is a soft metal and can scratch easily, this is to be expected.  Again, as metal ages it adds to the beauty of the piece.  Feel free to use the enclosed polishing cloth to buff out smudges and surface scratches.

There are specific liquid cleaners you can use for Sterling Silver. However these cleaners should ONLY be used for the chain, do NOT submerge the locket itself into any cleaner.

Do you run sales or promotions?

Sometimes, yes! Follow us on Instagram @afamilyprintshop to stay up to date on promotions, new products and to see previously made silhouettes & how they’re displayed.

Where do you ship your products?

AFPS ships anywhere in the world and shipping prices vary depending on your destination.  If you are outside of the USA you are responsible for any custom fees or taxes upon the package arriving to your home.

How much is shipping?

USA —> Prints/Lockets- $4.95    Wood Ovals- $7.95

Canada —> Prints/Lockets- $11.50   Wood Ovals- $16.50

Everywhere Else —> Varies from $15-$25 depending on what you are purchasing (weight/quantity)

*A Family Print Shop assumes the right to update policies at any time.*