How To Order









Decide on a Silhouette design.

We offer classic black silhouettes by themselves or paired with a beautiful hand painted floral wreath. No extra fee to use one of them. Maybe you’d like a hand-painted watercolor overlay on top of the silhouette instead of Classic Black? We have those options as well! Last but certainly not least, we offer original wood silhouette ovals & beautiful brass silhouette lockets.

Submitting your Photos when Ordering.

Once adding products to your shopping cart, you can then upload photos right to your cart!  Here’s how: Add your product(s) to your cart — Then when in your cart you will see your items and the option to upload photos — Choose “Add Photos” and select all that you’d like to upload — Then Click the “Upload your Photos” button — WAIT until you see the photos uploaded to your cart before moving forward!

Submitting Photos at a Later Date.

Choose “My Account” and Log-In — Click the “Orders” tab — Under the “Actions” column you will see a button with two little squares. Click that and then you can upload notes and photos. This is where we will communicate with you.

What Kind of Photos Should I Submit?

We meticulously create these using the picture of the person’s profile.  This is why sending a quality photo is so important in order for us to make them realistic and true to the person. We capture as much from the photos as possible while using our own artistic style to create a beautiful silhouette portrait.

Please note: It’s best to upload ONE great photo for each child.  If you have a photo where you love the face profile, but like the hair better in another one, we *can* use both, but we cannot use 2 photos for the face, and 2 for the hair, and 1 for the neck etc.  A silhouette is a traced piece of art. We trace the face & draw the hair.  🙂

Tips for a great profile photograph to ensure a realistic final piece of art: 

•Stand eye level with the person you are photographing.  Make sure their face is fully turned so you can only see one of their eyes.
•Is the photo showing the entire face? Nothing should be cut off in the photo (ie. back of head). 
•A closed mouth is my preference as it’s classic. Smiles look cute too. That’s up to you when taking the photo but please keep in mind once overlayed with color, smiles don’t always show through like in the photo.
•It’s best to have the child look straight forward so their neckline is natural. Having someone stand infront of them, holding up a toy, is usually helpful.
•Are you happy with how the hair looks?  Is there a random flyaway that you would rather us not incorporate into the piece? Please let us know that ahead of time.
•Long hair (below the shoulder) looks best pulled up.  However, if you’d prefer it down then pull it back away from the shoulder.  
•Profile pictures should be taken against a solid wall. However, If they are not infront of a wall, that’s totally fine as long as they are clear & not blurry.
•Send a picture of the highest quality that you can. You can certainly use your phone, versus a camera, but make sure you are taking it during the day with good lighting.