Add on’s & Extras: Individual Silhouette Portrait




This item is to be purchased by one of three customers:
1. You have a silhouette(s) in your cart now and want more copies of that same one.
2. You purchased a silhouette at another time and now more people want it after seeing it!
3. You are purchasing a locket and would like extra print versions of the silhouettes as well.  Add the # of prints that you’d like (one per child, two per child, etc.)

For those of you in group #1:
Just increase the quantity to include however many you would like to add to your order.

For those of you in group #2 +#3:
Please include your original order number when purchasing so that I can locate your original silhouette.  If ordering the extra prints at the same time as the initial illustration, just put n/a.

We will print the silhouettes exactly as they were made in a previous order.  If you’d like to add/remove a name or wreath, you must include that info in the notes section with your order.  If not, we will automatically print them as is.

How do I know if I should select that I do want changes to the original?

Did we make a silhouette for you before and you want an exact duplicate? Then no, you do not need changes.

Did we make a silhouette for you before and want to add/remove names, wreaths, etc? Then yes, you do need changes.

Did we make individual silhouettes for you before and you now want them all on the same print as a “Family Silhouette?”  In that case, please purchase this listing.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs

5×7, 8×10, 11×14

Changes to Original Print Design (size, wreath, name, etc)

No, Yes