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Gifts are better when there is meaning behind them, right?! Customize this large print with meaningful places that hold significance in your life!  Gift it to your significant other and it’s a special gift for you both, really!  Or you could gift this to a friend, family member or travel lover.  Examples of places to choose: town where you and your significant other first met, favorite places you visited, engagement spot, wedding spot, honeymoon, street of your first house, birthplace of one or more of your children, favorite restaurants, favorite places to visit and even actual dates!

This print will be sized to 11×14 and printed on 130 lb crisp white cover stock in matte.

When purchasing please include the following above, or in the “Notes” box during checkout

10-15(ish) places (if the majority are short names (like Paris, Rome, etc.) then I may need to add an additional name in order to get everything to fit well (like Paris, France. So including cities/states or more detailed titles like “Citizens Bank Park” would be helpful.)

In order to give variation to the sizes of each line and to make the overall look of the piece great, I may have to move places around and lengthen/shorten names. If you have a preference as to the order of places please specify that when ordering.

Once payment & info is received your initial proof will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days.


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