The 14k Solid Gold *Petite* Coin Necklace
The 14k Solid Gold *Petite* Coin Necklace
The 14k Solid Gold *Petite* Coin Necklace
The 14k Solid Gold *Petite* Coin Necklace
The 14k Solid Gold *Petite* Coin Necklace
The 14k Solid Gold *Petite* Coin Necklace

The 14k Solid Gold *Petite* Coin Necklace

Your hand drawn silhouette will be carefully engraved onto precious metal for you to wear (and never take off) forever.  The perfect heirloom piece of jewelry!  Plus, if you are having us draw new silhouettes for your coins, you will receive them as complimentary 5x7 prints as well!

Necklace Details

3/8 inch disc charm - custom cut and professionally engraved

· 14k Solid Yellow Gold with a 14k Yellow Gold cable chain (16", 18" or 20")


· 14k Solid White Gold with a 14k White Gold cable chain (16", 18" or 20") 


If you need silhouettes drawn, you need to select the number of coins that you'd like on your necklace as well as the number of illustrations (the numbers need to match: if you choose 2 coins you need to choose 2 illustrations)

These charms are the smallest we offer and some detail may not be as clear as on the proofs (eyelashes, thin hair wisps). If that's something you are not okay with then please opt for a larger coin.

Also, take note of your children’s hair– if you have a child with really long hair (longer than 3 inches past the shoulders), in order to have them fit nicely, they will have to have their hair pulled in a high pony tail or bun.

**No proof prior to making the necklace will be sent if using already drawn silhouettes unless requested.**

Please Note: The depth of the engraving detail will vary based on each silhouette. Your finished piece may look slightly different than the samples shown here.  Overtop the engraving will darken ever so slightly and that is normal wear. The SS will darken the most.


Would you like more copies of your drawings? You can purchase duplicate prints HERE

Click here to read how to submit your photos & photo taking tips. Photos are due within 72 hours of the restock.

Head to this page to find the links to the Custom Details Forms. You will fill this out after ordering.

For specific turnaround times head to this pageVisit this page for FAQ's and this page for important information on taking good care of your locket.

$ 315.00

Number of New Illustrations

$ 50.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Melinda D
A Treasure

I could not be happier with my petite coin necklace. It's my new never-take-off necklace and it's so special. It's delicate and beautiful and perfect. <3

Emily B.
Stunning details

After following this shop for years I finally ordered my first piece. I am a saver by nature and spending money makes me anxious, but let me tell you this investment is 100% worth it! This piece is perfect in every way. The attention to detail and the quality is perfection. Not only that, but it is such a heartfelt piece that I will treasure for years to come. It perfectly captures the details of my sweet foster son who went to be with family. I can now wear him close to my heart even though he is far away. I love this piece so much just 2 months after my first order, when my foster daughter was reunited with her family, I ordered a second coin of her to add to my chain.

McKenzie Enser
Perfect detail and quality timeless work!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the perfect tiny details of the silhouettes! They capture my boys perfectly! Such a timeless art, and I love that I get to wear them everyday! Even on such a small coin, there is so much detail, and I can see my boys perfectly. They are loved and adored by everyone who sees them! Takes me back to my childhood, my mom always had our little silhouettes hanging. Thank you so much!!! If you are debating, just do it! Well worth it! Can’t wait to add future kids to it!

Aimee Kirk
A sweet heirloom

This is the best piece of jewelry I own! Not only is it beautiful and meaningful but the quality is top of the line! This shop is so easy to work with and friendly and I love every piece I own made by them. I haven’t taken off this necklace since the day I got it and I don’t intend to!

Camie Carroll
A Treasure Forever

I was so nervous about getting everything about this necklace right! I looked and we had 40 emails about questions and concerns that I had. They were so patient and kind - I felt like they were good friends helping me get exactly what I wanted! The end result was better than anything I dreamed- the craftsmanship is truly superb. I wear my necklace ALL THE TIME!! Whenever I'm having a rough day, I feel that my kids are with me and give me strength. This is definitely a treasure I'll cherish forever :)