What are your working business hours?

AFPS is run by a group of moms. :)  We work in between taking care of our kids - that and the fact that everything we make is custom is why our turnarounds are what they are. We work on orders and respond to emails Monday-Friday (hours vary throughout the day.)  We do not email every day and do not have a 9-5 work schedule so if there’s ever an expedited need, please let us know ahead of time. 

Do we have to send photos right away?

Photos must be emailed over within 72 hours of purchasing.  If you do not email within that time frame then we will add your order into our schedule when time allows.   Photos sent past 30 days from the day you ordered will be a $50 fee to unarchive your order.  

If you do not approve your proofs within a year there is a $50 fee to unarchive your order.

What kind of photos do we need to submit? 

See photo taking tips on the "How Does This Work" page.

How do I submit my photos?
  • Within 72 hours of placing your order please send an email with the photo(s) attached to -- AFPSproofs@gmail.com
  • Please include "Order #_____" in the subject line.  Label each photo using the child's name if you opted to have us include their name on the portrait.
  • We will reply back letting you know we have your photos and then once the proofs are ready, we will send them back to you through the same email conversation.

Once my silhouette is created, if I decide that I'd rather you use a different photo, is that okay?
Included with your purchase is one round of revisions to make simple tweaks to the illustration.  If you would like major revisions (like re-drawing parts of the hair) then there will be a fee charged to cover the extra time to do that.  Maybe the initial photo you sent the child had their hair in a pony tail but you later decided you'd rather it in a bun. Or maybe you didn't like that their mouth was open and would rather it closed.  This is all understandable!  In order for us to make changes of this nature, there will be an additional charge of $5-$20 depending on the type of request and how much time it will take to do it.  Keep in mind all silhouettes are illustrated by hand and the photos you send me are the guides we use to make them.
*While we do pride ourselves in drawing our silhouettes very accurately, what you are purchasing is an artistic representation of the person based on a photo.*

If I want a wreath on a print but later want to order prints without the wreath - or vise versa - is that possible?

Yes!  Once you pay for an illustration, if you want more copies you order that from this listing.  In the listing it will ask if you want change to the original and you would select "yes" since you will want us to add or remove a wreath.   

If I order individual silhouettes of my children and also want them together on a family print, is that possible?

Yes!  You would purchase them individually and then add the family print via this listing.  Select that you want changes since we are taking the individuals and creating a family print.  And this works the other way too - if you ordered a family print but later want them all as individuals.  Then you would order via this listing.

Can I purchase a locket now and add more children to it later?
Yes!  You can leave one side of the locket empty and then send it back to us at a later date to fill the other side.   And yes, you will also receive a 5x7 printed portrait for the new addition(s)!
  • Adding to one side: Filling + Polishing Fee- $45

How do I add to my locket?
This page has all of that info!
How do I care for my necklace?
Please visit our "Jewelry Care" page.

Where do you ship your products?
AFPS ships anywhere in the world and shipping prices vary depending on your destination.  If you are outside of the USA you are responsible for any custom fees or taxes.  We can't control that nor do we know when they will ask for them to be paid.

Please note: As of February 2021 we now print our portraits in house using professional fine art paper and archival inks.  If hanging next to a previously printed silhouette you may notice a difference in the whiteness of the paper (the new is a warmer white and the old is a cooler white).