Jewelry Care

Please read over our suggestions in order to keep your jewelry beautiful for years to come.  Any jewelry, regardless of price point, will not stand the test of time if not cared for properly.

We love partnering with several other small businesses here in the US for our jewelry products.  We have spent extensive time selecting the best companies to work with and the highest quality metals to use in our jewelry. 

Important: All jewelry can be affected by certain factors (products such as hairspray, perfume, lotion along with humidity, water, and even one's own body chemistry.) Precious metals such as solid gold will not tarnish even when met with those elements. Our 14k Gold Fill jewelry also should not tarnish.  However, Sterling Silver and Brass will tarnish over time but there are ways to polish those pieces back to a beautiful finish.

Always remember that if a necklace is delicate, regardless of price point, it should still be treated with care.

14k Solid Gold Coin Necklace: these beautiful necklaces can be worn all of the time and are heirloom quality.  They are handcrafted in the USA from high quality yellow and white gold.  While they will not tarnish, they still need to be cleaned with soap and water from time to time.  You can also use our polishing cloth to remove smudges.  The engraving on the coin charms will ever so slightly darken overtime and this is normal "wear" to the piece.

Sterling Silver Coin Necklace: these can also be worn all of the time, although I do recommend not wearing in a swimming pool (chemicals).  Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. Because of this it may tarnish overtime as it reacts with different elements.  Some people are also sensitive to SS because of this.  This is why it's important to keep your jewelry dry and covered when not wearing it.  If tarnishing happens, you can use a silver jewelry cleaner to help remove that.  The engravings on the coins will darken overtime and this is normal "wear" to the piece.


Your locket needs to be taken off before showering.  Keep it clean & dry when not in use.  Storing in a box or other covered container is helpful when not wearing it.  If you spray perfume or hairspray or touch the locket after putting on lotion, the chemicals will react to the metal (if brass).  It's best to do those things and then put the locket on after.  Do not submerge this in water!  While the silhouettes inside will be sealed, and water resistant, there's still a chance the images can get damaged if submerged.  This is not a child friendly necklace so please do not let little hands tug on the locket sides as they can break.

Brass Lockets: Our lockets are an antique brushed brass and the chain is 14k gold fill.  Each brass locket may have minor imperfections (like tiny scratches) which is why we describe them as "antique brass". Oxidation is a beautiful part of brass’ natural process and should be expected.  The patina that will come as you wear your locket adds to the character of the piece and makes it truly unique.

If you do not like the patina you can use a piece of super fine steel wool, buff in a circular motion, and it will remove the top layer of patina.  Gently polish locket in a circular motion.  If you are sensitive to metals this may not be the best choice for you.  Some are allergic to metals such as Brass.

Sterling Silver Lockets: Sterling Silver is a precious soft metal and can scratch easily, this is to be expected.  Again, as metal ages it adds to the beauty of the piece.  Feel free to use the enclosed polishing cloth to buff out smudges and surface scratches.

There are specific liquid cleaners you can use for Sterling Silver to remove tarnish. However these cleaners should ONLY be used for the chain, do NOT submerge the locket itself into any cleaner. 

14k Gold-Fill Lockets: Very similar to the SS.  Our Gold-Fill lockets are made in the USA of high quality gold-fill.  The base metal is Sterling Silver and the necklace is completely Nickel free.

Keychains: While the image is water resistant and most likely water proof, still do not submerge this in water.  Computer/cell phone screens all vary in brightness and therefore the brightness and colors in your photograph may not translate exactly the same in print form and once covered in resin.


Repair Policy

If your necklace breaks within 30 days of receiving it - whether from a manufacturing defect or an accident - we will replace the chain at no cost to you.  If the necklace breaks after this point, we will happily repair (if possible) for free or replace the chain but there will be a cost involved (depending on the metal).  There is a replacement chain listing on the website or you can certainly email us first for some help.

Please note: due to the hand-made nature of our lockets and keychains in that we put every silhouette into the locket by hand and then pour the finishing resin into the lockets by hand, there may be slight variations to the finished pieces.  Also due to the nature of resin, there may be tiny air bubbles. We do all we can to ensure most of them are gone but once and a while some very tiny bubbles may remain but they will not affect the integrity of your jewelry.