Locket Care

Your locket needs to be taken off before showering and exercising.  Keep it clean & dry when not in use.  Storing in a box or other covered container is helpful when not wearing it.  If you spray perfume or hairspray or touch the locket after putting on lotion, the chemicals will react to the metal (if brass).  It's best to do those things and then put the locket on after.  Do not submerge this in water!  While the silhouettes inside will be sealed, and mostly water proof, there's still a chain the images can get damaged.


Brass Lockets: Given that you are purchasing a handmade piece of jewelry, it is delicate and needs to be worn and handled with care.  Our lockets are an antique brushed brass and the 30" chain is 14k gold fill.  Each brass locket may have minor imperfections (like tiny scratches) because of how they are made with a matte finish.  We are not responsible for items broken due to improper handling so be kind to your jewelry!  This is not a child friendly necklace so please do not let little hands tug on it.

Please keep in mind the locket itself is made of brass - not gold.  Oxidation is a beautiful part of brass’ natural process and should be expected.  The patina that will come as you wear your locket adds to the character of the piece and makes it truly unique.

If you do not like the patina you can use the polishing poof we include with each locket.  The poof is steel wool and it will remove the top layer of patina.  Gently polish locket in a circular motion.

All of our brass lockets are made by hand by www.dearmushka.com


Sterling Lockets: Sterling is a precious metal and therefore more costly.  It is a soft metal and can scratch easily, this is to be expected.  Again, as metal ages it adds to the beauty of the piece.  Feel free to use the enclosed polishing cloth to buff out smudges and surface scratches.

There are specific liquid cleaners you can use for Sterling Silver. However these cleaners should ONLY be used for the chain, do NOT submerge the locket itself into any cleaner.


14k Gold-Fill Lockets: Again very similar to the above.  Our Gold-Fill lockets are made in the USA of high quality materials.  The base metal is Sterling Silver and the necklace is completely Nickel free.


14k Gold & Sterling Silver Coin Necklaces: these beautiful necklaces can be worn all of the time!  They are solid precious metals and hand crafted in the USA.  To clean, use mild dish soap and warm water.  While you can shower with these on and technically go into the pool, I personally would still take it off if going into a pool (chemicals). It should be fine even so, but that's just my personal preference!


Repair Policy

If your necklace breaks within 30 days of receiving it we will replace the chain at no cost to you.  If the necklace breaks after this point, we will happily repair or replace the chain but there will be a cost involved (depending on the locket/metal).  Please send us an email so we can help!


Please note: due to the hand-made nature of our lockets in that we put every silhouette into the locket by hand and then pour the finishing resin into the lockets by hand, please understand there may be slight variations to the finished pieces.  Also due to the nature of resin, there may be tiny air bubbles. We do all we can to ensure most of them are gone but once and a while some tiny bubbles may remain but they will not affect the integrity of your jewelry.

Warning:  You may want to purchase a petite locket for a young girl.  This product is not intended for children under the age of 5.  Please purchase at your discretion.  As with all jewelry, there is a risk of breaking if not handled properly and therefore the locket can become a choking hazard.  By purchasing you assume the risk and agree that you understand these important points.