Tylor and Quincy are the new owners of A Family Print Shop.  After purchasing a coin necklace of our first son, we have loved everything this shop has offered.  The original founder, Essie, began creating her silhouettes back in 2012. She built such an amazing community, store and legacy we are looking forward to continuing that. 

Catherine, our head illustrator, is still drawing all of our silhouettes.  Also a stay at home mom to 3 littles, we are so fortunate to have her and her artistic abilities on our team. Our company is truly a Family Business in that my husband and I run the behind the scenes and production together.  It is so humbling getting to work together making your special pieces.

Based in Indiana, all silhouette products are proudly (and thoughtfully) illustrated, printed, hand-crafted and packaged in the USA.

Come say hi!  Snapshots of life & the shop are shared over on instagram: @afamilyprintshop