I ordered a locket and honestly fell in love when I saw this store via Instagram. What made me order was the fact that I can always add a silhouette later too. The seller is very communicative throughout and responds quickly during the ordering process. I opted for the gold filled locket and plan to get a couple more during the next opening as gifts. These really are special and I love the drawing captures my daughter's unruly hair at this stage in her life. - Janelle 



All I can say is Essie is AMAZING!! She has done silhouettes of my girls since my oldest was a babe. Now I have them done every year because they are the most unique, special, thoughtful pieces of art and jewelry I own. She has always worked relentlessly to get everything just right, from eyelashes to messy braids. I have individual silhouettes, Christmas ornaments, and my favorite, the petite locket. I have had my locket for almost a year now, and I wear it every single day. It still looks brand new! It’s so special to be able to take both girls “with me” wherever they or I go, every day. Every person who sees the silhouettes adores them, and comments on the quality of work and the attention to detail. I love her work with all my heart, and she has definitely earned a customer for life! - Kristen



I found Essie’s shop when I was pregnant with my first baby over 5 years ago. I was paralyzed by the decision of “when to do it” because she was changing so much! When was the right time!? I waited until she was 5 and I should have started sooner. We got our first silhouette recently and even my husband couldn’t believe the attention to detail. We ordered silhouettes of ourselves too and now our family is forever recorded with the most beautiful, thoughtful, and personal silhouettes that are timeless treasures. I know there are lots of choices when it comes to silhouette shops but I promise none are as detailed and personal as the ones here! We are fans for life! And I can’t wait to order more when the girls change again! I wish I had more of her work. And I know I’ll always believe that! - Carly



I have been around quite a while, and I have actually had silhouettes of my children done before, but when I saw the lockets that AFPS did and the detail of the silhouettes I fell. In. Love. I had to have one made.

I was so blessed to have an illustrated silhouette of my son, and when I received my proof it nearly took my breath away. You could tell it wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t just some computer program, it was my baby and someone took the time to make him look perfect. There’s just something special about it that makes it timeless.

The experience and kindness I have had with this shop is out of this world. Any question I had was greeted with kindness and when I received my locket I felt like it was one of the most personal treasures I could own. The quality of both the prints and the jewelry is exceptional. You literally cannot go wrong and I look forward to owning many more of these one of a kind treasures! - Maegann



I ordered my first illustration and petite locket during the most stressful restock (the one prior to the website refresh). Despite what must have been a very overwhelming situation, Essie was so kind and patient in responding to requests for information and providing updates on Instagram stories. She has continued to be transparent and honest since then in her desire to provide excellent customer service while also protecting what is best for her and her colleagues as small business owners.

In the end, I found the photo submission and proof process very straightforward, and I believe it’s even been improved since then. The website contains detailed information that was extremely helpful in preparing me for the restock and photo prep.

I wear my locket daily and am so pleased to have a piece of my daughter with me wherever I go. These ladies are truly talented, and I’m so happy to support them with my business! I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future! - Erin



Our experience with A Family Print Shop has been nothing but a dream! What a timeless Essie and her team create! The process is simply and easy for the customer, the quality of work is unmatched. One of the best gifts one could give themselves or to a family member! - Chelsea



Every single product and silhouette I have received from a family print shop is absolute perfection. From the easy ordering, to the beautiful details of my children, to the fast shipping, great customer service, and incredible jewelry (I have the statement locket), everything is done with care, intention and love. I will cherish these moments captured forever in silhouette form for the rest of my life! - Rebecca



Essie’s work is absolutely incredible and I could sing her praises forever! I have told so many mamas and grandmas about her shop. Not only does she make such beautiful pieces of art, she also is such a kind and loving soul. I’ve never met her in person, but it is obvious how much she genuinely cares about her work and the families she makes her artwork for. I have four children and the silhouettes of them above our piano STILL make my heart leap for joy whenever I look at them (about 9 months later!). I gave my mom a statement locket for Christmas last year and it is soo beautiful and still looks brand new even though she wears it (and shows it off!) all the time. The quality of A Family Printshop is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I am so blessed to have her work hung up in my home! - Anna



I purchased a sketched silhouette of my son and a large locket necklace. I cannot say enough good things about both the product and the customer service. From ordering to the day my order showed up, the entire process was a breeze. I will cherish my son’s silhouette forever! Thank you AFPS. - Laura



I got a silhouette done of my son who has a lot of curly hair. The attention to detail is amazing and I’m in love with his perfect whispy silhouette curls! The portrait came very well packaged and the quality is top notch! I also appreciated the high level of communication during the entire process! Thank you AFPS!! :) - Amanda