The Process

Tell me about your products.

We are an art shop that specializes in hand drawn silhouette portraits!

You can purchase our hand drawn silhouettes along with a curated collection of heirloom products (make sure to select "new illustrations" in those listings) - OR - you can purchase the additional products (jewelry, ornaments, plaques) a la carte at a later date. 

We archive your drawings after we make them so you can always come back and purchase additional products with previously drawn silhouettes and NOT have to pay that illustration fee again!

 How do I tell you if I want a wreath or name on my print?

We love communicating with our customers and making this a really personal experience.  Therefore, after you order you will tell us that info.  You can include info like this in the email you send with your photos. Or we have a whole set of forms you can fill out based on what you ordered. You will head to this page and click on the appropriate Custom Detail Form based on the product(s) you purchased.  In the form is where you can tell us every special detail.

We also include the link to this page in your email confirmation. 

 How do I submit photos?

Within 72 hours of placing your order please send an email with the photo(s) attached to --

Please include "Order #_____" in the subject line.  Label each photo using the child's nameif you opted to have us include their name on the portrait.

We will reply back letting you know we have your photos and then once the proofs are ready, we will send them back to you through the same email conversation.

What Kind of Photos Should I Submit?

We meticulously hand-draw our portraits using the picture of the person's profile.  This is why sending a quality photo is so important in order for us to make them realistic and true to the person. We capture as much from the photos as possible while using our own artistic style to create a beautiful silhouette portrait.

Please note: It's best to send ONE great photo for each child.  If you have a photo where you love the face profile, but like the hair better in another one, we can use both, but please limit the photos to no more than two per person.  It helps us work more efficiently AND gives you the best, most realistic final portrait!

Tips for a great profile photograph to ensure a realistic final piece of art: 

•Stand eye level with the person you are photographing.  Make sure their face is fully turned so you can only see one of their eyes.
•Is the photo showing the entire face? Nothing should be cut off in the photo (ie. back of head). 
•A closed mouth is my preference as it's classic. Smiles look cute too. That's up to you when taking the photo but please keep in mind once overlayed with color, smiles don't always show through like in the photo.
•It's best to have the child look straight forward so their neckline is natural. Having someone stand infront of them, holding up a toy, is usually helpful.
•Are you happy with how the hair looks?  Is there a random flyaway that you would rather us not incorporate into the piece? Please let us know that ahead of time.
•Long hair (below the shoulder) looks best pulled up.  However, if you'd prefer it down then pull it back away from the shoulder.  
•Profile pictures should be taken against a solid wall. However, If they are not infront of a wall, that's totally fine as long as they are clear & not blurry.
•Send a picture of the highest quality that you can. You can certainly use your phone, versus a camera, but make sure you are taking it during the day with good lighting.