The Sterling Silver *Petite* Coin Necklace
The Sterling Silver *Petite* Coin Necklace
The Sterling Silver *Petite* Coin Necklace
The Sterling Silver *Petite* Coin Necklace
The Sterling Silver *Petite* Coin Necklace
The Sterling Silver *Petite* Coin Necklace

The Sterling Silver *Petite* Coin Necklace

Step back in time or preserve it with this Petite coin necklace. From your photo we will hand draw a silhouette and carefully engrave it into precious metal for you to wear, forever. It is a timeless keepsake that keeps giving with love and sentiment. The perfect gift for mom to wear the silhouette(s) of her children that she’ll never want to take off. Would be an amazing sentimental gift to the bride to be, so she can keep her mother or father who have passed on close to her heart on her special day. A simple yet elegant reminder that her loved one is still with her. 

Whether purchasing for yourself or a loved one this minimalist yet detailed coin pendant necklace is dainty but full of sophistication and grace. A staple jewelry piece that you will never want to remove and a constant reminder that bonds will never be broken. 

We pride ourselves on the time and love that we put into creating your detailed illustrations, and believe that you should have a version to hang on your wall, sit on your desk or rest on a shelf or mantle. With every new silhouette we create for your coins, you will receive them as complimentary 5x7 prints.

Necklace Details

  • 3/8 inch disc charm - custom cut and professionally engraved
  • Sterling Silver with a solid Sterling cable chain

How To Order

  • If you need silhouettes drawn, you need to select the number of coins that you'd like on your necklace as well as the number of illustrations (the numbers need to match: if you choose 2 coins you need to choose 2 illustrations)
  • These charms are the smallest we offer and some detail may not be as clear as on the proofs (eyelashes, thin hair wisps). If that's something you are not okay with then please opt for a larger coin.
  • Also, take note of your children’s hair– if you have a child with really long hair (longer than 3 inches past the shoulders), in order to have them fit nicely, they will have to have their hair pulled in a high ponytail or bun.

Please Note: The depth of the engraving detail will vary based on each silhouette. Your finished piece may look slightly different than the samples shown here.  Overtop the engraving will darken ever so slightly and that is normal wear. The SS will darken the most.


Would you like more copies of your drawings? You can purchase duplicate prints HERE

Click here to read how to submit your photos & photo taking tips. Photos are due within 72 hours of ordering.

Head to this page to find the links to the Custom Details Forms. You will fill this out after ordering.

For specific turnaround times head to this pageVisit this page for FAQ's and this page for important information on taking good care of your locket.

$ 170.00

Number of New Illustrations

$ 55.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

The most beautiful necklace! Amazing customer service. Perfect necklace that I just adore and wear daily!

Best birthday present I bought for myself!

I have been wanting a coin necklace for a few years, and I’m so happy I finally purchased one! This necklace is such a quality, elegant piece. I love how subtle it is, but also still noticeably my kids. It’s so gorgeous and I know I will love it for many years!

Coin Necklace

I love my coin necklace more than I can even describe. I had been fawning over them for as long as they had been available and I really wanted something that I didn’t have to take off at night or to shower. I finally ordered and have absolutely no regrets. This necklace is perfect and I love that my little boys are always close to my heart ♥️

The Most Special Keepsake!

I am in awe of this company and the amazing customer service!!! Truly the most special necklace I have ever purchased and I cannot wait to add to it throughout the years. I will treasure this forever. ❤️

Nichelle M.
So sweet but so tiny!

I knew it was going to be small which is what I wanted but there actually wasn’t that much detail on the coin that you could see. I definitely should have gone up a size so I can see more details. Overall though, the quality is great!