The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket

The Everyday Silhouette Locket

Your hand drawn silhouettes will be printed and carefully adhered inside of the locket. An ECO & non-toxic, glass-like resin will go over top in order to seal and protect the silhouette.  The silhouette will not be removable. 

And because of how much time we put into making your detailed illustrations, we believe you should have a version to hang on your wall!  So every NEW silhouette inside will receive a complimentary 5x7 print.

Necklace Details

3/4 inch locket - shiny finish

· Brass with a 14k Gold-Filled chain

· Sterling Silver with a solid Sterling chain

· 14k Gold Filled with a 14k Gold Filled chain

· 14k SOLID Gold with a solid gold chain

**PLEASE NOTE: Only Sterling Silver or Solid Gold can be given a satin finish. If you'd like that, please let us know.  We are no longer offering this for the Gold Fill option.

We can fit up to two silhouettes per side.   Please keep in mind if you choose to have more than one to a side the silhouettes will be small but still recognizable of course!

**No proof prior to making the locket will be sent if using already drawn silhouettes unless requested.**


Would you like more copies of your drawings? You can purchase duplicate prints HERE

Click here to read how to submit your photos & photo taking tips. Photos are due within 72 hours of the restock.

Head to this page to find the links to the Custom Details Forms. You will fill this out after ordering.

For specific turnaround times head to this pageVisit this page for FAQ's and this page for important information on taking good care of your locket.

$ 75.00

Number of New Illustrations

$ 50.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Alexandra Pineda
Run, don't walk!

Aaaaa!!! I was finally able to purchase my dream locket with my sweet little babies as the stars! It was worth every penny. Just beautiful ❤️

Melissa McCarthy

We gifted our mom's silhouette lockets for Christmas. They turned out so stunning and were absolutely adored. Such a beautiful piece that will be cherished forever. Thank you Family Print Shop for touching hearts.


I followed AFPS on Instagram for almost a year before finally deciding to order this necklace, and it absolutely lives up to my anticipation. I am so thankful I finally decided to order, as it is so special to have my son’s silhouette in such a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is as lovely as it is meaningful, and I love to wear it. There is no outfit that it doesn’t fit with.

Beautiful, timeless, classic

I’ve looked at buying a pirate for years and years before I ever had children, I had my son and desperately wanted a locket with his silhouette but kept waiting, then I had my daughter and finally pulled the trigger. BEST absolute BEST and most favorite necklace I’ve ever owned. The quality is impeccable. I can’t wait to add future babies to this piece. Next on my list is the initial necklace.

Breanna M.

A year later and I am still in awe with my locket! The quality is outstanding, and the locket is absolutely gorgeous.Truly a timeless piece.