Chain for Lockets

Chain for Lockets

Would you like to buy a replacement chain for your locket? Or maybe you'd just like a chain for a different reason.  Just choose your metal + length and order this listing!

Please Note: Small needle nose pliers will be needed to twist open and twist close the round ring that attaches your brass locket* to the new chain. If you're unable to do this yourself, send an e-mail to before you order. You will need to mail us the necklace and we will happily replace the chain for you.

*Except if you are replacing the chain for an Everyday SS or GF locket - those lockets will slide right onto the chains. 

**As of 10/15/20 we have changed our gold-fill chains so you may notice a slight difference to your original. The quality is even better and uniform now within all of our brass & gold fill lockets.

$ 28.00