The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket
The Everyday Silhouette Locket

The Everyday Silhouette Locket

Your hand drawn silhouettes will be printed and carefully adhered inside of the locket. An ECO & non-toxic, glass-like resin will go over top in order to seal and protect the silhouette.  The silhouette will not be removable. 

And because of how much time we put into making your detailed illustrations, we believe you should have a version to hang on your wall!  So every NEW silhouette inside will receive a complimentary 5x7 print.

Necklace Details

3/4 inch locket

· Brass with a 14k Gold-Filled chain

· Sterling Silver with a solid Sterling chain

· 14k Gold Filled with a 14k Gold Filled chain

· 14k SOLID Gold with a solid gold chain

Lockets (SS and Gold) can be left Shiny/Mirrored or given a Satin/Matte Finish.  If choosing Satin for Gold, the gold color will be more muted than if choosing Shiny.  The chain may appear more "yellow" in this case but overtime will soften.

We can fit up to two silhouettes per side.   Please keep in mind if you choose to have more than one to a side the silhouettes will be small but still recognizable of course!

**No proof prior to making the locket will be sent if using already drawn silhouettes unless requested.**


Would you like more copies of your drawings? You can purchase duplicate prints HERE

Click here to read how to submit your photos & photo taking tips. Photos are due within 72 hours of the restock.

Head to this page to find the links to the Custom Details Forms. You will fill this out after ordering.

For specific turnaround times head to this pageVisit this page for FAQ's and this page for important information on taking good care of your locket.

$ 75.00

Number of New Illustrations

$ 50.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
One of my most cherished pieces of jewelry!

I had my eye on this locket for the past year, and finally got it for a birthday gift. It is now one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry. The details are incredible. Thank you!

Classic and Timeless!

I’ve been eyeing an everyday locket for a while and I’m so glad I purchased it! It’s such a classic and timeless piece that I will treasure forever! Thank you for capturing my children in such a precious way!!

Meaningful piece of jewelry

The most meaningful gift I could give my best friend that made my soul so happy and to know they would cherish it forever is even that more special.

Locket Necklace

I got the Everyday Silhouette Locket for my wife. Our daughter is 3 years old and I thought it would be a perfect time to get the locket done. My wife absolutely loves it. The silhouette is an amazing representation of our daughter. It looks amazing! We will be buying again when our other daughter is the same age!

Beautifully fragile

I had been following A Family Print Shop for probably 2 years on Instagram and was hoping that one day I would own a beautiful locket. My time came and I felt like I had won some crazy raffle when I was able to make my purchase. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to have my daughter close to my heart, forever and always.

Received the locket a little over a week ago and was astonished at the packaging. It was beautiful! I’ve never opened anything so intricately designed and gorgeous in all my life. Unboxing the locket and silhouette was a treat! I almost cried (probably would have if I hadn’t ordered it myself lol).

Ok, now for the not so fun part...I wish I would have bought a stronger chain. I owned the beautiful locket for a week and ended up losing it while visiting downtown Denver. This was without my 5 year old (she was at home in Texas) and simply being bundled up in my jacket and scarf. Taking off the jacket and scarf as the weather permitted, and somewhere along the way it fell or broke off.

I reached out and Essie responded right away. Essie was so excited to hear how much I loved the locket and saddened that I lost it after owning it for only a few days. She wanted to make things right and did. This sweet company really cares for their customers.

Communication throughout the process (purchasing, picking the right photo, shipping, everything) was superb. I will forever be grateful for Essie and the rest of A Family Print Shop. This is truly a business that goes above and beyond.

Thank you!!!


Thank you for your sweet review! We are so thankful you loved the locket and packaging. Unfortunately sometime clasps break due to a factory malfunction but this is why we have a free replacement policy if it happens within 30 days of receiving. We are so glad you reached out so we could take care of this for you.

Thank you again!