The Remembrance Locket
The Remembrance Locket
The Remembrance Locket
The Remembrance Locket
The Remembrance Locket
The Remembrance Locket

The Remembrance Locket

$ 58.00

To those of you who have lost a baby, either in the womb or outside of the womb, we send our love to you.  As someone who has experienced multiple miscarriages, I thought it would be a special way to remember those lost little ones.  The images are tucked away inside of a locket that will hang close to your heart.  You can open and see them when you’d like, and keep it closed when it may be too hard.

We have a few options to offer you for our Remembrance Locket.  Inside we can put an exact ultrasound photo or footprints and/or handprints of the child.  We will shrink the image to fit inside of the locket but will not alter the integrity of the image. If you do not have any of these options, but still would like to remember your pregnancy, we can put inside a flying dove to signify their life, a heart, a rainbow, a butterfly, etc.  Feel free to email us to discuss first if you have any questions or custom ideas.

Your images will be printed and carefully adhered inside of the locket. An ECO & non-toxic, clear resin will go over top in order to seal and protect the silhouette.  The silhouette will not be removable.

The Petite (1/2 inch)

· Antique Brass with 14k gold-filled chain

· Sterling Silver with solid Sterling chain

· 14k Gold Filled with 14k gold-filled chain

The Everyday (3/4 inch)

· Antique Brass with 14k gold-filled chain

· Sterling Silver with solid Sterling chain

· 14k Gold Filled with 14k gold-filled chain

The Statement (1.25 inch)

· Antique Brass Statement with 30" clasp-less gold-filled chain

· Sterling Silver with 30" solid Sterling chain

In the Notes section, let us know what specific options you would like included, if applicable or you can include that info when sending your photos.  Photos for your locket can be sent to and we will send you a proof prior to filling your locket. <3 


Click here to read how to submit your photos if applicable.

For specific turnaround times head to this page.

Visit this page for FAQ's and this page for important information on taking good care of your locket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Thank you, Essie & Team, for such a beautiful gift. Please be encouraged that you are doing Good work. Everything was easy, streamlined, and the details of the art, and package were nothing short of amazing.

Beautiful work!

This shop is truly a gem, and the ladies working for it are so talented and wonderful. I’ve purchased from AFPS many times, and I have loved every single piece. You will not be disappointed!
I had this beautiful locket made for my mom after my stepfather passed away. Essie was able to put a message inside in his handwriting. My mom loves this locket so much and will treasure it forever.


The first item I ever bought from AFPS was a locket of my niece who was born still for her mother. This was before the remembrance locket was actually a listing. Essie was extraordinarily helpful and understanding of our wishes for this piece. We’ve since gone on to purchase ornaments and several other lockets and will continue to come back because of not only the beautiful, high quality pieces they produce. But because of the loving kindness with which they make the most heartbreakingly perfect pieces to honor the ones we love.

Sleeping baby

My daughter was born sleeping March 2019. I was lost but knew I needed a way to remember her always and keep her close. I had been following this shop knowing they made these lockers but never ever thinking I would want one. I am so thankful for this keepsake with my daughters precious little footprints. I am so thankful for shops like this one that recognizes loss in the way they are able to do so. I wear my locket every day and I am actually looking to get a second larger one that also has a silhouette of my son in it as well!

Precious Gift

My best friend lost her 4 month old daughter a couple of months before Mother’s Day. I contacted Essie and she was able to do a remembrance locket for me to gift her at one of their busiest times. It was beautiful and my friend absolutely loved it. She even ordered another to gift to her mother. The work A Family Print Shop does is so special and will be cherished by many for years!